• A business management platform designed specifically for
    Jan-Pro franchise owners

    Operate your business more efficiently

    Save money

    Save time

  • Comprehensive Features....

    ...through one piece of software

    Clock in

    Employee Tracking

    GPS & Phone

    Monitor employees and prevent no-shows through our staff supervision tool


    Job-specific Instructions


    Send cleaning instructions to employees as they arrive to a job

    Email alerts

    Customer Profiles

    Store Key Details

    Customer profiles retain key client information at your fingertips

    Payroll Reports

    Home Office Activity Reports

    Simplify Reporting

    Submit monthly activity reports to your home office via your smart phone

    Payroll Reports

    Custom Reports

    Track Everything

    Reports make payroll a breeze and show job profitability

    Payroll Reports

    Franchise Documents

    Electronic record keeping

    Franchise statements and inspections can be archived for later

  • How does janhub help me?

    Professional business owners use professional systems

    Saves money.

    Reduce payroll cost overages and customer losses

    Keeps you organized.

    Everything you need to manage your business can be kept in a single platform


    No computer needed. Manage your business from your cell phone.

  • All Features | Unlimited Users

    Bang for your buck.

    Mobile and Tablet


    All features included | Unlimited employees.


    Clocking Activity

    See all your landline or GPS clocking activity

    • Shows worker, location, and time
    • Android and IOS Mobile Friendly
    • Everything hosted, nothing to download

    Simple GPS Clockings

    No apps needed. No opts in. No geo-fences.

    • Clock in via your phone's browser
    • All workers need is a signal
    • Or call the 1-800 #

    Customer Profiles

    Store critical customer information

    • Store original customer contracts
    • Log customer complaints
    • Set reminders for recurring tasks (high-dust, floor shampoo's, etc..) 

    Cleaning Instructions

    Cleaning schedules auto-emailed to workers

    • Stores cleaning schedules by location
    • Automatically sends instructions to employees before they clean 


    Plan your week.

    • Schedule by worker and location
    • Set recurring shifts
    • No-show alerts will tell you if workers miss shifts
    Email alerts

    No-show Alerts

    Relax that your work is being done.

    • Text or Email alerts in real time for all clockings 
    • No-shows alerts for workers that miss shifts


    No more paper-based Payroll.

    • Run reports for hours by worker, location, and date(s)
    • Set pay rates and managers

    Invoices and Statements

    Store Invoices and Statements

    • Free cloud storage for all invoices and reports 
    • Automatically have invoices emailed to your home office
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